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Our Rates

Charge out Rates (per hour) as at 3rd September, 2018 (excluding GST)


Philip Livingstone                £370 per hour

Lauren Wright (Assistant)    £150 per hour

Administration Assistant      £150 per hour



Fixed Fees:


On certain matters such as wills, and property or business sales and purchases, we may be able to agree a fixed fee at the outset, so you will know what you have to pay. We will always make it clear that fixed fees depend upon the intended matter remaining relatively straightforward. If they become more complicated than originally envisaged, we may have to charge more. For example, we will produce “mirror image” wills for a married couple where their assets are left to each other and their children for £500 for two wills of real estate  and two of personal estate, However, if there are numerous specific bequests to others, charitable donations, or other instructions requiring bespoke drafting, our fees will be higher. See our page on wills and probate for more details.


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