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Practice Areas

Property Law

Buying or selling your home can be an emotional and sometimes stressful experience, ranking (according to some), alongside marriage, divorce, and family bereavement! It is only natural that you would wish to reduce such stress wherever you can.


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Commercial Property

We advise upon commercial purchases and sales, as well as leases, both for landlords and tenants. We also advise on associated matters such as agreements of sale for businesses and companies, business licences and  liquor licences, drawing upon our wealth of knowledge and experience of Jersey property law. We can also advise on mortgages and all other aspects of commercial property transactions.


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Wills and Estates


We can help you make clear, easy to follow and appropriate arrangements for your estate whether your assets are in Jersey or overseas.  We can advise you on Jersey inheritance law. We can also act as Executors either in person or through an Executor company. We can also assist people who have been named as Executors in the work involved in administering an estate.


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Employment Law for Businesses

This is a very important part of running a business, since failure to follow the Employment Law can result in significant claims against an employer, and failing to observe the terms of your employment can cause problems for an employee.


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Criminal Law 

Livingstones has extensive experience in the field of criminal law having represented clients in matters matters across the entire spectrum of offences from minor traffic issues to the most serious of crimes. 


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Employment Law for Individuals


Most people, whether employers or employees, will be aware of the Employment Law and the changes it has made to the relationship between employer and employee.


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Litigation and Dispute Resolution

We provide practical advice on your legal rights whilst always considering the commercial realities of litigation, which is always a very expensive process; seldom with a full recovery of fees for the successful party.


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Personal Injury



If you have been hurt in an accident in Jersey or suffered injury (for example as a result of an unsafe system of work or poor treatment by a medical professional) we can assist you with a claim for compensation.


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